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Kay Beauty Colour Correcting Primer

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Prep your face for flawless makeup application with the Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer range. These 100% Silicon Free primers don't just help you achieve that seamless base, they also conceal specific skin concerns, like redness, dullness, unwanted pigmentation or dark circles. Each shade comes with blurring properties and covers all your concerns for a radiant and immaculate finish. The water-based, no-shine formula lends your skin a boost of hydration without making it feel greasy. Perfect for keeping your makeup mask-proof, the lightweight primers glide on smoothly and make your complexion look all-round healthy. You can take your pick from five different shades that work on all skin types, and blend in beautifully so you end up with clear skin before starting your makeup routine. Now that's what we call a win-win!

Why Make It Yours

100% Silicon Free
Color Correcting
Water Based Formula with high hydration
Seamless Coverage
High Definition
Lightweight formula
Infused with light-diffusing technology
Makes your makeup Transfer proof
Extends the life of your makeup

Steps To Get The Perfect Look

Step 1: Start with a clean moisturized face.
Step 2: Dab a tiny amount of the primer on the areas you want to correct.
Step 3: Finish with your foundation and concealer.

Kay's Kare Ingredients

AVOCADO BUTTER provides intense hydration to the skin while also reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. MANGO BUTTER provides deep moisturization, making the skin supple and smooth while also brightening and minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

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