its' Kay to be You

“It’s okay to embrace your imperfectly beautiful self.”

At the heart of Kay Beauty’s philosophy, lies a simple yet powerful message, #ItsKayToBeYou.

We are on a mission to make everyone recognize their own beauty and unabashedly practice self-love. There is no greater feeling than showing the world who you are, and redefining the rules of beauty.

Kay Beauty is a space where you will always be welcome to share your views, your vibe, and your voice. We want to be a part of your story as much as you’re a part of ours.

Whoever you are

Whatever you do

However you identify yourself

Wherever you come from

And whatever makes you, YOU

We are your biggest cheerleaders

Because it’s #KayToBeYou

A note
From Katrina

“I think that beauty lies in what makes you happy. It’s about owning yourself without letting any stereotypes define you. There is no such thing as being perfect. Real beauty is about being you.”




Kay Beauty products do not use any artificial preservatives and are 100% safe to use for all

Mineral Oil can clog the pores of the skin leading breakouts and oily skin.

Vegan products are made without ingredients of animal origin.

No animals were involved in testing any Kay Beauty products, we only test on humans!


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